Here at Perfect Asian Blog, we strive to provide you with the best and easy avenue to meet the best and ideal candidate that will surely win your heart. However, we cannot control the circumstances that may happen on the duration of your relationship. Perhaps, you are also confused about whether your relationship is still worth pursuing. All of our members here dream of an enduring and fulfilling relationship but sometimes the compatibility just sizzles out.

If you are stuck deciding whether you should still give your relationship with your Asian partner or man a chance, take a look at our definitive reasons why you should really cut off your ties already (even if you think you still love him or her):

1. Asian Dating: You’ve become paranoid

Did you see your partner cheat? Are you always awake at night thinking that it might be the same thing all over again? Have you become insecure to the point that you try so hard to be the best choice for your partner? This endless search of affirmation and room full of doubts is not good for your mental health and of course, your relationship.

Perhaps, you need to take a break with your partner. However, if that proves that you still can’t let go of the past mistake, you’ll never be fully happy with your partner. It is time to break it up!

2. You have different goals in life

Sometimes having different goals is fine but there should be room or future where you see each other together. Because if that is not the case, how will you be able to survive in your relationship? Diverse careers do not mean that you shouldn’t be able to communicate well anymore.

You should be able to have time together, even if it is just a simple Skype call! If nothing works anymore and your values also do not align, you will just experience extreme frustration and disappointment. Better to end than spill the heartbreak after a long time.

3. People in your circle can already see that your partner is not good for you

You’re not the only who chooses to be blind for love. And sometimes people just don’t really see why their partner is not good for them. Remember, if a lot of people can see numerous bad traits from your partner, it is time to evaluate or investigate! If you’re not married yet, he or she might just be pretending to be a good lover.

Know who know you better and trust your instincts! Stop putting your doubts at the back of your mind and confirm it.

4. You just choose to stay in fear of not being able to find another

Don’t settle for less. If you know in yourself that you are not happy with the person you are with right now, don’t think twice and honestly say your feelings. There are plenty of people still out there, and one of them is for you. Stop worrying about the time. Stop worrying if you’ll still be able to find your “comfort zone” in a relationship. A little adventure will surely push you in the right direction.

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